The Team

Bjorn Anderson, Director/Producer

Bjorn AndersonBjorn Anderson grew up in the Seattle area and graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a degree in psychology. After raising funds and refining his feature script he began production on his first feature, Warrior’s End.

In 2007 he graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  After having worked on several video and film projects throughout the greater Seattle area for both academia and industry, he founded Emerald City Pictures.

Joseph Cole, Director of Photography

Joseph ColeJoseph Cole has worked in media production for more than a decade, with credits in short films, documentaries, HGTV and Discovery Channel television programming and independent feature films.  Raised in the Seattle area, Joseph studied at the University of Washington where he graduated with a degree in Comparative Literature.  After working in media production for several years in the Seattle area and working on numerous shows for various networks, he moved to New York where he studied film. In 2002 he graduated from the New York Film Academy.

Focusing on cinematography, Joseph has worked in HD, Super16 and 35mm to find the right look for particular projects. In addition to his regular work in corporate and commercial production, he recently served as Director of Photography on the features Warrior’s End and Eyes in the Dark.

Robyn Scaringi, Editor

Robyn ScaringiRobyn always knew she was a filmmaker at heart, but only recently began to fulfill her passions through editing. Finishing film school at the top of her class in 2009, Robyn edited and co-produced her first feature film, Eyes in the Dark, in early 2010. Demonstrating her talent both on the set and in the editing room, Robyn was soon asked to join the Emerald City Pictures team as its resident editor.

Robyn spends most of her time working on freelance editing projects for a wide variety of corporate and non-profit clients, including Creature, Microsoft, and the Seattle International Film Festival. Of note, she co-wrote and co-edited “Ab Slammers,” the winning video for the Grassroots (2011) Infomercial Contest.

Marco Scaringi, Actor/Producer

Marco ScaringiMarco Scaringi has always had a passion for movies, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.  In high school he developed a love for acting and went on to study Theatre at Seattle Pacific University. At SPU Marco mastered several theatrical skills that he would later apply to cinema: lighting, directing, writing, set construction and, of course, acting. After graduating with a BA in Theatre, Marco wrote and directed the highly acclaimed short play “Reality Check.”

In 2008 Marco joined the team at Emerald City Pictures with his wife, Robyn, where he was able to apply his Jack-of-all-trades knowledge to help produce the film Eyes in the Dark. He also acted as Music Coordinator on the film and eventually directed the Eyes in the Dark music video, “Away” for the band S.Y.F.T. In 2010, Marco co-wrote the award winning short “Fingerphilia” for the 48 Hour Film Project.